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Our Manifesto

The world has become short-sighted. In our rush for convenience and efficiency, everything has become disposable. Electronics, toys, clothes, furniture. Oh, they’re all great value, on the sticker price. But at what cost? The truth is, cheap things cheapen us. Where there’s no expectations of integrity or longevity, every commitment lacks meaning. Every action lacks purpose. Every memory is fleeting.

At Icon by Design, we don’t think we should spend our brief time on earth making disposable things. So we build our furniture to last a long time, with a focus on natural, sustainable materials and craftsmanship. And we design our furniture to be minimal, elegant and timeless. Because we believe if you build a piece of furniture that is timeless, the moments that happen around it will be timeless as well. The furniture will hold an emotional value, above and beyond the dollar value. We’re not just making furniture, we’re making conversations and moments. We’re making our relationships richer. We’re making our moments more memorable. It’s not a table, it’s Boxing Day 2006. It’s not a media shelf, it’s “Kind of Blue” on a winter’s night. It’s not a chair, it’s the way your daughter sits when studying. Icon by Design isn’t simply a place where quality furniture is created. It’s where stories are made.

Current Positions Open

Melbourne Store & Retail Leader

Closes In: 9 days

The Melbourne Store & Retail leader role has two key areas of responsibility: Store Leadership and Retail Leadership

The Store Leader role relates to our Church St showroom. The candidate will be responsible for leading the showroom, ensuring objectives and standards are met across its operations including team and performance management, reporting, staffing, and store operations. The Retail Leader role will include leading the expansion of Icon By Designs retail operations by proposing and conducting experiments to identify means of expansion (such as store expansion, range extension, or acquisition, service development), and executing on the delivery of the strategies identified in the experimentation. They will additionally be responsible for executing the changes required based on the results of experiments, and based on opportunities that arise in this domain.

Some of the critical skills and competencies required include:

Delivery of sustainable profit and growth, and world-class NPS performance in Melbourne store (Store leadership)
Ability to lead the ongoing improvement of operations across Icon By Designs retail operations, including but not limited to:
Range selection and expansion
Visual merchandising
Store roll-outs
Store operations
Customer engagement
Staff management & leadership
Development retail skills of the team across the business
Understanding of omni-channel retail operations
Understanding of the technology required to enable retail success

In addition, anyone who will be successful at Icon By Design needs to be a cultural fit. As this role is a leadership role, they will need to align personally with the values, and be comfortable being a champion of these values across the business. Our core values are:

Wow your customer
Be committed and open-minded
Be curious
Do more with less
And remember, be humble

Coogee, NSW, Australia Full Time Store: Church Street

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